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CAN you Help Me Stop My Agonising Back Pain Fast?

Paul Gough has been helping people in Hartlepool suffering from back pain and sciatica for over 15 years.
Here are just a small number of happy patients who’ve worked with Paul and discovered how to stop their back pain without painkillers, injections, or surgery.


“After a car accident, I was in so much pain, and not sleeping at all. I tried the physios at the hospital, which was a sheer waste of time. When I started coming to Paul Gough’s Physio Rooms, it was touch button and they really got the point of the pain.”

“After a car accident, I was in pain – very much. I was restricted in what I could do at work, and my sleeping pattern was a sham. I was just not sleeping at all because of back pain.

I tried the physios at the hospital, which was a sheer waste of time. NHS physios don’t get to the point of it really. They give you a leaflet on exercises and it doesn’t fix what it’s supposed to fix. Painkillers don’t go to the cause of your problems either.

Believe me, the NHS is no good for physio. They don’t get to the point of it. Paul Gough does. Believe me, don’t sit there dwelling, pick up the phone and call Paul Gough’s.

When I started coming to Paul Gough’s Physio Rooms, it was touch button and they really got the point of the pain which is really good. Paul has been really good, and his staff are absolutely fantastic

My aim is to be able to walk my dog, go to Scotland and have a holiday with my husband and my dog, and reach my goals, and thanks to Paul Gough I’m getting there.”

janice, hartlepool, back pain after car accident


“I hurt my back after a fall. I couldn't walk well and was in a lot of pain. After just three weeks of treatment, I was able to return to work after a full recovery."

“I hurt my back due to a fall, and I couldn’t walk well, I was in a lot of pain, and looked like Quasimodo trying to make his way down the street. I was hospitalised for three days with no help whatsoever, but I managed to get discharged and came to Paul. After just three weeks of treatment, I was able to return to work after a full recovery. Paul’s help is second to none. All the staff are dedicated to getting you treated, and I’m back to a normal life, and able to work if I need to. I’m can go back to clay pigeon shooting, which I’ve never been able to do with the trouble that I had until I met Paul. The support you get from the physio room is undeniable, and Paul has kept me upright, and on my feet. This team is dedicated to the patient and the patient’s quick recovery. The team is very experienced and will get you back on your feet and ease your pain.”

Alan, hartlepool, back pain after fall

“My sciatica was so bad that I could hardly walk and constantly took painkillers. If I hadn’t come to Paul, I'd probably never be out anywhere. It was the best decision I've ever made."

“My sciatica was so bad that I could hardly walk, and I was constantly taking painkillers. I just thought there’s got to be more to it than this.

I’ve been to the doctors, spinal rehab, and taken painkillers, but it just wasn’t getting any better. In fact, it was probably getting worse. My paranoia is that I don’t want an operation, and that’s what the next step was with the doctors. My dad had one, my auntie had two, and they’re no better and still suffering now.

My biggest goal was less back pain because before seeing Paul, it was constantly there. I couldn’t sleep, I was constantly tossing and turning. I’d try heat pads, and cold spray on it – everything. Everything you could think of.

You’ve had your physio at the hospital, but they don’t really do hands-on treatment, so definitely give it a go, don’t be afraid. It was the best decision I’ve ever made for what I can go out and do now.

Now it’s more manageable, and I can do my driving lessons, work, and even run at the gym now so it’s a lot better than it was before.

If I hadn’t come to Paul, I’d probably never be out anywhere. I wouldn’t be able to walk too far. And I got to the point where I felt like an old lady because I could only walk so far without getting out of breath and going up the stairs is a struggle. I thought I’m too young for this, but I can do it now.”

Louise, hartlepool, Family history of back pain

“My doctors told me I needed surgery, but since coming to Paul Gough, my back pain is much better, I can walk much further, and I've regained my independence."

“I used to have back problems and suffer from sciatica which then started to affect my left knee. It was getting worse, and when I went to the doctor, they wanted to go down the operation route.

My back pain would happen when sitting, bending, and walking. Because it would be all right for a while, but then the pain would start again.

I realised that I had enough, and needed to be out of pain, and I wanted to be able to have a pain-free life without medication and hospitalization.

Since working with Paul, I was able to enjoy my holiday better this year because I could walk better and stay out longer without having to sit and take breaks.

I used to rely on my husband to take me anywhere in the car. Now I’m getting the confidence to go out on my own, go to the shop and get back all right on my own.

You’re welcomed when you walk through the door greatly from all the staff, team members, and brilliant physios. Everyone is just brilliant, from getting a cup of tea when you come in, to getting a sweet when going out. I enjoy coming and feeling the difference in me when I go home.

If I hadn’t come to visit Paul, I’d still be getting told off by my husband for not walking straight and being told to get my back put right.

Don’t be nervous because there’s always someone on hand to greet you. The team makes you feel at home completely from start to finish. You’ve got nothing to lose but plenty to gain.”

Dorothy, hartlepool, Long-term back pain & sciatica sufferer

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